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Online Reputation Management Services

One of the most powerful assets any business can have is a great online reputation. Positive reviews not only help gain customers’ trust but also can help in ranking higher in search engines. Online Reputation Management is the practice of giving businesses full control over their online search results.

iMarketing Junkies regularly monitors the reviews and make sure that negative reviews or activities not affect the business reputation. We push the negative activities to the edge and restore what seems lost. We just know how to deal with it, so let us take care of your online reputation.

We target the negative reviews or search results as soon as we take control and push it down further by our online reputation management services. With that you will see positive transformation of your online reputation as well as growth in leads and sales.

How we do it?

Monitor Everything

We keep checking every response whether it's positive or negative.

Set up Alerts

Our team will use latest tools & set up alerts so the damage can be controlled as soon as its done.

Determine Your Current Position

We dig into social media posts, comments, reviews & mentions to see where your online reputation currently stands.

Take Control & React to Negative Reviews

We respond proactively to each & every comments personally rather than just copy-paste a generic response.

Encourage the Positive Aspects of Your Business

Our team will publish success stories & positive experiences of satisfied clients to create more positive sentiment.

Word-of-mouth Works Wonder

Feedbacks & mentions from your business employees & friends generates positive exposure and raises awareness for a brand.

Digital word-of-mouth is crucial for growth of any business and we very well understand that. This era of technology and internet play a significant role in magnifying the effect of brand perception for better as well as for worse. It works best for your business when your consumer’s sentiment is positive. If your company is experiencing the problem of a brand crisis, its effects on your business can be even more pronounced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Reputation repair take?

The first thing that you can ask yourself or the Online Reputation Management (ORM) company is whether they can fix your online reputation or not. The answer should always be in an affirmative manner. And, there is no exact time when it comes to online reputation repair. According to Google, the indexed sites might take 2 to 6 weeks. But, still, there are minimal chances that your site will reach the first page in a shoot. It depends on how much repair it will take your website to dig. It might even take a year. Some factors that determine are how many negative search results you are putting your head into, how competitive your search query is, and from which site your negative result is coming from.

How much does reputation repair cost?

Beware if an online reputation repair management company charges too little. A low-end management campaign might penalize you a couple of thousand dollars a month. Hire a legitimate company so that they do not fool you. This repair of online reputation may cost you $2500-$10,000 a month or might level up considering the amount of repair that has been attached with your website. If put into the equation, a good online reputation management company may fix the price of about twenty hours per month or five hours per week or for one hour per day. The type of service you choose for your reputation management, you will have to pay the same.

Is it possible to remove negative or inappropriate online reviews?

Negative reviews or comments cannot be removed from review platforms. Especially, platforms like Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google do not approve of. But, certain online reputation management companies claim that they can file away the bad comments to some corner. It is sensible enough to understand that they are all scam tellers who on the sake of earning money, fool you. You cannot remove them, but you can always manage those bad comments by not replying them as they only seek attention out of the entire scenario. Do not react; rather respond to it in a good way.

Will online reputation Management help my business to grow?

Yes, online reputation management or ORM will influence your business in a positive sector. It takes a lot of effort in managing your online reputation. A PR can only understand this because he or she knows the hard work that surmounts with online reputation management. ORM is important for your business because it increases the sales of your products and services. It serves as an easy way to connect with people. It constructs trust and credibility, which is much required for your brand value. Online reputation management works on the bad influences that spread as a rumour with leaps and bounds. There have been instances when businesses of many owners failed because of rumours. ORM effectively manages them. ORM research your business strategy and invest in potential customers. They put in the insight of your good reputation. The success of your business heavily depends upon the online reputation that runs behind your brand in a digital platform.


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