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Page Speed Optimization Services

Website is the first impression of your business on the internet and the business reputation is dependent on customers. But when they come to your website and it doesn’t load content & images easily, they tend to leave which can badly affect rankings & increases bounce rate. That’s when you need page speed optimization services.

Website speed is naturally interlinked with digital marketing as better SEO will get you higher ROI but when your website loads in seconds & works seamlessly every time, you will have higher chances of converting a visitor to your customer. We, at iMarketing Junkies, will work on Page Speed Optimization Services that increase visitors and revenue by increasing website optimizing images & minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Our Page Speed Optimization Services's experience & expertise in improving the server response time.

Achieve your goals & rank higher with a speed optimized website. Customer satisfaction will highlight your business & increase traffic as well SERP rankings. iMarketing Junkies won’t only boost website speed, but also boost success.

Simple! It's not only what website visitors want; it's what Google wants. There's a link between Page Speed Optimization and SEO, which is why your sites should load quickly.

Google's primary goal is to offer consumers with the most relevant search results. Not only do search engines aim to show pages with information that best matches the user's query, but they also want to show pages with outstanding user experiences. And, yes, page speed is an important component of a positive user experience.

Readability and simplicity of navigation are two more user experience elements to consider. Bounce rate is another signal to Google of whether or not your site is good. Pages that load fast attract to site visitors and reduce bounce rate. Users will grow dissatisfied and leave your website to locate one that offers the information they want more quickly if it takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load.

Google will notice if people regularly leave your site, and you will experience a reduction in search engine ranks. Because Google finds a link between a high bounce rate and a poor user experience, they penalise you in the search results.

Google believes that if people don't stay on your website long enough to read your material, it must not be very excellent. They (or your site visitors) have no idea that you may have one of the greatest websites with the best content, but that they were unable to experience it because of your poor load time.

This makes page speed even more crucial. Website speed can keep users from entering your site in the first place, which means they won’t learn about your business, see your products and services, or read your informative, beneficial information. Most of all, they won’t convert.

Digital word-of-mouth is crucial for growth of any business and we very well understand that. This era of technology and internet play a significant role in magnifying the effect of brand perception for better as well as for worse.

It works best for your business when your consumer’s sentiment is positive. If your company is experiencing the problem of a brand crisis, its effects on your business can be even more pronounced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is process of Page Speed Optimization Services?

When the team will get all the required details & access, we’ll assess your current website speed and start making improvements. Our experts will cautiously check all media content of your website and optimize it to get the best loading speed. Additionally, our professionals will review your hosting settings and make any necessary changes. Also, we’ll enable gzip compression to decrease the time needed to deliver the requested webpage files to the user’s browser.

What information do you need from us for Page Speed Optimization?

After availing our services, our team will get in touch with you for the required website details We will need website URL, FTP access details, login access details to your database server (along with access to PHPMyAdmin). We need complete access of your website.

How will you examine improvements in Page Speed?

Once the team will finish the page speed optimization, we’ll measure your website’s speed score again and compare it with the earlier score (taken before making improvements).

When we will be able to see the result?

Within 72 hours since we get your website details, our team will have finished page speed optimization. We will notify you with the improved results.


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